Notice: Robes in the Courtroom

Greetings Fellow IJC Members-

The Robes In the Classroom Committee is well underway! Bill Hooks, our IJC chair, wants us to start visiting the elementary and high schools this April and May of 2015. In addition to discussing who we are and what we do, he wants to encourage us to incorporate a short presentation addressing some aspect of the 50th Anniversary of the Civil Rights Act, but this is not mandatory. Thank you to all of you who already filled out a survey with your information, but if you have not done so, it is not too late for you to participate in this exciting and worthwhile adventure! Just shoot me an e:mail, preferably by April 10, 2015, just letting us know what school(s) you are going to visit; an approximate or designated date and time in April of 2015 that you will be visiting; whether you already have a contact person; and if so, who. Also, indicate whether you are going with a partner, who does not necessarily have to be a judge. Just indicate who they are and their profession. This information will assist us, in part, in making a determination as to whether or not multiple judges picked the same school(s), in which case they could perhaps either team up or choose another school to visit.

To assist you in making contact with the appropriate party, we will be forwarding a sample letter that should be addressed to the relevant school official, such as a principal or superintendant, if you feel that you need it. Bill Hooks will be forwarding all members a template of the IJC letterhead to utilize for this purpose. Also, if you are planning to videotape or take pictures of your presentation, please talk to Bill Hooks about the rules and regulations beforehand, such as the rule that a child’s face/ frontal image cannot be captured without the permission of the school/parent. Please, if possible, wear your robes for your presentation. After you have visited a school(s), provide us with a brief correspondence stating where you went, when, who you went with and what your experience was like. Thank you. 🙂


Kimberly D. Lewis
Committee Chair

Lionel Jean-Baptise
Committee Co-Chair

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